• 1 iron block

• 2+ stone buttons and 2+ signs.

• 1+ glass

• Total amount of stone buttons, signs and glass depend on your lifts height.


Setup(in text):

Step 1: To begin your new lift place an iron block in the ground.

Step 2: On 1 of the sides place 10+ blocks of your choosing ontop each other.

Step 3: This should create an L shape where the _ is the iron block.

Step 4: Against the | at face/view level place 1 stone button with a sign directly above. Leave this empty for now.

Step 5: Place a glass block where you want your second floor to be.

Step 6: Place another Stone Button at face height from where the glass block is with a sign above that.

Step 7: Hit the empty signs till you see Current Floor on the sign.

Optionall step: Redo Step 5-7 for as many floors as you own.


If you own more than 2 floors you can right click the sign again to change the Dest: