• How to reach: /skyblock
• This page is specifically for Skyblock.
General rules can be found here


How to start: 

• /is - Creates an island for you


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• How to access: /shop

• SkyBear+

• SkyHigh

• SkyLord 


Skyblock is the root and limited survival experience in a server jacket.
You are on an island surrounded by nothing but a cow to keep you company.
Items are hard to come by and must mostly rely on what you have and your vanilla crafting knowledge to get around.
To help you get started on this adventure every island has a chest to build some basic things, a cobblestone generator, sugarcane for sugar, wheat for bread and more.
Please note that not every item or mob can be encountered in skyblock due to the limited biomes.

Cobblestone Generator: 

Cobblestone generators arent exactly...that.
These are special generators that produce stone and ores.
From simple gold/iron ore all the way to diamond, emerald, even Quartz at later stages.
Minimum Level Req for certain ores:
• Stone(Level 0)
• Coal Ore(Level 0)
• Iron Ore(Level 0)
• Diamond Ore(Level 0)
• Emerald Ore(Level 0)
• Redstone Ore(Level 250) 
•   Gold ore(Level 500)  
•   Lapis Ore(Level 750)  
• Nether Quartz(Level 1500)    

To level up your island every block has a certain value, from 0.1 and increasing depending on the block.       

Its up to you to find out which 1 works best.       

Island Levels: 

As explained previously, your island determines the generator, which improves the block obtained and its level.
To level it up you gotta expand on the island, cobblestone will not increase your island by much if at all.
Stone for example does give some experience to your island and thus improving its level and any benefit that comes with it.
So it is a good idea to think about smeling/crafting every bit of cobblestone obtained to something better.


• Saddle
• Diamond/Gold/Iron Horse armour   


Every island owner gets a total of 3 islands.
• 1 in the overworld.    
• 1 in the nether          
• 1 in the end                

These islands are pre-made and do not count to your overall island level, however can help and add for additional challenges.
Some challenges even require you to enter these places and get things you cannot otherwise obtain.


Challenges are a big part of what makes skyblock as we know it.
Challenges not only give you an extra challenge to go for, some challenges can also help you gain items you otherwise can't obtain.
Certain items can only be obtained through challenges, while others can also be bought at the shop for a more  expensive price than survival.

Money and shop: 

To buy things in the shop you need money, while challenges can give cash not all do, nor are all items sellable or smart to sell.
The generator and the tree you start with can be a good source to start making some money and to expand your island.
To make money you can use some of the following methods.
• /sell (hand/all) (all) - Sell either everything, your hand held item or all of the type in your hand.                
• /ah - Sell items to other players which they may need.                                  
Buying 1 seed/carrot or other that grow on farms, can be a good source for expanding your food resources too.
1 wheat seed, potato or carrot can easily give 3-4 carrots back leaving you able to create 3-4 new farm patches, do this enough and you have a nice farm going to start feeding your lifestock too.

Tips & Tricks: 

  1.  If you created obsidian by accident while building a generator you can use an empty bucket to scoop it back up.
  2. Additional cash can be gained by simply using the /vote and voting on the links available.   
  3. Need a new lava or water bucket? Follow step 2 and use /warp shop.
  4. Food isn't rare on skyblock, there is a /warp animals that spawns in pigs etc for your meat needs.
  5. Coloring and shearing sheep helps in obtaining more wool.