• Here you can find all Survival related info.

• Make sure to do /warp rules!

• Read Info at the bottom of the page!



• Rules can be found at /warp rules

• Rules regarding claiming can be found here.

• Rules regarding chat most importantly revolves around Swearing, Flaming etc.

• Flaming is a subject people tend to mis understand.

• In chat we disallow topics such as goverments, guns, religion, politics and anything Stafffind inappropriate

• Staff ranks are: Helper, Moderator, Admin and Owner. Using /nick to name yourself after a staffmember can lead

to removal of the /nick option, regardless of how you obtained it.


Server Language:

• English

• All other languages in pm/pc/marry chat


Donator Ranks:

Click here for donator ranks.


Vote Ranks:

• How to access: /shop

• BearCub+

• BigBear

• GrandpaBear

• PhantomBear



• Horse Teleport

• 5 homes

• Lift

• Display items in chat via [i]

• Drop Party's

• Vote Party's

• Crate Keys(Every hour via /buy)

• Auction house

• Player Markets

• Mine spawners with silktouch

• Mcmmo

• sellchest/sell hand

• Random Teleport

• Fish Contests

• Player Votes

• Land Claiming(Gold Shovel)

• Craftable Notch Apples

• Voting ranks

• Own up to 2 jobs



• /back(including on death)

• /tpa/tpahere/tpaccept/tpdeny

• /(un)trust

• /abandon(all)claim(s)

• /warp

• /kit

• /pvote

• /poll

• /co i

• /dp

• /report

• /bug

• /jobs

• /<mcmmo related skills> i.e /mining /repair etc.

• /fix(5k per item)

• /xpbaron|off

• /points|/p

• /shop

• /buy

• /cf

• /ah

• /fish

• /en

• /rtp



Getting Started:

• To get started with your house/project login via

• You can find our Discord by Clicking Here.

• Voting via /vote will earn you diamonds, money and Crate keys which can really help to start out.

• Make sure to read the rules and the holograms for additional info.

• Questions can always be asked when you are unsure.

• Visit /warp hobo to check for any left behind items or to dump stuff for other people.

• When you are good to go just perform /rtp till you find a nice spot to buid.

• When deciding where to build your home, ensure that noone lives to close nearby.

• Building within 100 blocks of another player without direct permission may lead to re-placing/removal of your build.


Starting on your project:

• Unlike Towny you don't need to claim the area in order to build however it is adviced.

• Claiming can be done in several ways.

  • A ClaimTool(/kit claimtool).
  • A Golden Shovel
  • The /claim command(illadviced but works).
  • Placing a chest(Illadviced but can work).

• Claimed area's cannot be destroyed by untrusted players and are therefor safe.

• The following stops are required to claim using a claim tool.(All steps involve Right Clicking!).

  • Choose a block and click with your golden shovel in hand which should reveal a DiamondBlock.
  • Move diagonally for roughly 10-20 blocks or as many claimblocks(/claimlist) you have.
  • When you are satisfied about your claim size hit the ground again and a piece of glowstone should show alongside gold blocks.
  • For confirmation you can use a stick to check the boundaries of your claim.
  • To resize a claim hit a corner in the same manner as the first step and move to a new location and perform the third step again.
  • Your claim should now be resized.

• Inside claims pvp/animals/yourself/friends are completely protected.

• You can if desired add friends to your claim so they can build or access it.

• Commands:

  • /trust <player> -  Gives a player complete access to your claim except for adding other players.
  • /untrust <player> - Removes a players trust.
  • /containertrust <player> - Gives a player permission to access chests levers buttons.
  • /accesstrust <player> - Allows a player to use doors levers etc.
  • /trustlist - Shows who is trusted and for what.
  • /permissiontrust - Grants a player permission to share his permission level with others.(Use with extreme caution!).

• Replacing <player> with * or all will allow everyone on the server new and old to access that particular trust area.

• If you are not happy with your claim either because you have overlapping claims you both posses or just wanna redo it try /abandonclaim. Make sure to stand inside the claim you wanna remove.

• To remove All claims you own without standing in them use /abandonallclaims.

• You are also able to subdivide your claim and grand limited access to particular area's to certain people on certain area's.

• To do this create a regular claim as explained above and use the /subdivideclaims command while holding the shovel.

• Following the same steps as a regular claim the blocks will be iron instead of gold to show a sub claim instead of a normal one.

• If you have a big project and are in need of a bunch more claimblocks you can buy them via /buyclaimblocks <amount>($15,- ea)


Money Making:

• There are several ways to make money in survival.

• We sell spawners in several ways but only a maximum of 25 spawners are allowed to be active per player at any time. This includes alt accounts.

• The most notable ways are:

  • /sell hand
  • /sellchest(/sc for short).
  • /vote
  • /ah sell <price>

• The sell hand method will sell any of the same type of item as you hold in your hand, no matter the name.

• The sellchest method will sell any and all items inside a chest that you have access to and will not preserve/check names.

• A confirmation message is shown telling you to be sure if you wanna sell the items inside a chest.

• To sell items via the /sc command either look at the chest or stand ontop of it.

• Voting helps the server but also rewards you with keys, cash and diamonds. All that will further help you increase your bank balance.

• The Auction House is a place where players can sell their items they no longer need yet want to gain money for.

• Voting gives player points which can be used on either a rankup or a spawner you dont have or want to own.

• These are also notable for making money.



• Alongside money making voting claiming there is alot more to do and options.

• You can vote on your favorite player for any reason whatsoever, think of them helping you or you liking them.

• You can show your appreciation by voting for them using /pvote.

• Every week we will let the system run the votes and will reveal a winner which gets rewarded by us.

• Trivia's run every 15 minutes asking a random question for you to answer simply by writing the answer.

• Answering correctly awards money sometimes an item and rarely nothing at all.

• Votings cause a counter to go from 100-(vote) all the way to 0.

• When this reaches zero a drop party will be started by the server which you can join via /dp.

• We also host random other drop partys which are bigger and fishing contests which sometimes give you rewards.

• We also have a Lift/Elevator plugin which as the name would suggest makes it easy to go up and down.

Click here for a tutorial.