• With 1.13 out and about we changed the rules regarding survival.

• Even if u "think" you know them have read them before, we urge you to re-read them.

• Most important rule before reading: If staff tells you to stop, you must stop. Regardless what rules say here.

• Staff overrides the rules set in stone.


Chat Rules:

Click here to see all chat rules.


Mod Rules:

Mod rules can be found here


Skin/Player Rules:

Skin rules can be found here

General/Build related Rules:

Click here for all rules related around builds.



Since the renovation on survival and opening of 1.13 we decided to change the rules surrounding claiming.

Rule states as follows:

• Make sure to claim everything you don't want to lose.
• If you need claimblocks you can get more using the /buy comand.
• Being online and active will earn you 250-500 claimblocks p/h.
• Claims get removed after 2 months of inactivity(60 days).
• In rare cases a transfer of claim ownership can be requested(For the duration of a month max).



• Griefing is not allowed.

Thanks for reading,

Bearcraft Staff Team