• With 1.13 out and about we changed the rules regarding survival.

• Even if u "think" you know them have read them before, we urge you to re-read them.

• Most important rule before reading: If staff tells you to stop, you must stop. Regardless what rules say here.

• Staff overrides the rules set in stone.


Chat Rules:

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Mod Rules:

Mod rules can be found here


Skin/Player Rules:

Skin rules can be found here

General/Build related Rules:

Click here for all rules related around builds.



Since the renovation on survival and opening of 1.13 we decided to change the rules surrounding claiming.

Rule states as follows:

• Make sure to claim everything you don't want to lose.
• If you need claimblocks you can get more using the /buy comand.
• Being online and active will earn you 250-500 claimblocks p/h.
• Claims get removed after 2 months of inactivity(60 days).
• In rare cases a transfer of claim ownership can be requested(For the duration of a month max).



• Griefing is not allowed.
• When a player is offline for over 2500 hours(Circa 3 months) the place is concidered abandoned.


What does abandoned mean.(As per grieving rule)
No player build claim may be grieved by anyone.
There are however exceptions to this.

In general abandoned means a previous player claimed and/or build on an area but decided to no longer continue their mc survival progress.
Incase someone has need for the area build on a new player can request removal of said build to build/create their own survival progress.
This can be done by asking an admin(Lilyfae) or owner(Claire/Neo(Scorpionvssub)) for permission and checking if that area/player has indeed left.

Under any curcumstance is it against the rules to take items from these area's till given permission to do otherwise.

Reasons requests can be denied:
1. Player hasn't been inactive long enough.
2. The build is too big/Unique to remove.
3. Special requests have been requested(See Claiming) to preserve the area.


Thanks for reading,

Bearcraft Staff Team