• With 1.13 out and about we changed the rules regarding survival.

• Even if u "think" you know them have read them before, we urge you to re-read them.

• Most important rule before reading: If staff tells you to stop, you must stop. Regardless what rules say here.

• Staff overrides the rules set in stone.


Chat Rules:

Chat rules apply to the chat(obviously).

Within the entire world of minecraft rules apply to both the game as a whole but also the chat.

The rules in chat are but not limited to the following:

• No excessive swearing.

• No advertising 

• No racial slurs/remarks or otherwise offensive subjects.

• Religion, politics and other major subjects unrelated to mc or otherwise important by staff decided or here explained are prohibitted.

• Don't flame or spam the chat unnessesary, we are here to enjoy the game, play with friends and have a fun chat with each other.

• If you have issues with someone take it to /pm. Do not bother other players with your mess.


Mod Rules:

We arent a modded server, we use plugins to help us along and you aswell.

This doesn't mean no mods at all are allowed however.

The following mods are allowed to be used, and, if not on the list, ask a staffmember(Owner/Admin) before using it.

• Optifine(While not a mod entirely some ask about it).

• Minimap(Similar to dynmap types).

• Schematica


Skin/Player Rules:

We all love a new skin every now and then, some have different a taste than others and some find different things offensive or unwatchable.

Here is a list of catagories/skins that are not allowed and must be changed or will get you banned.

• Anything related to the nazi's

• Anything with too much/exessive/complete nudity.

• Any skin related to a war, politician or otherwise catagorized as offensive by the public.


General/Build related Rules:

We wanna keep a decent server, we aren't PG by any means but does not mean we dont have building codes.

This section covers everything related to building, from redstone farms to offensive or otherwise explicit content.


• Redstone is allowed on the server but may not cause lag.

• Clocks must have a good purpose to be used, mainly to kill of spawner mobs.


• Spawner Farms must have an off switch.

• Incase of a none fall spawner farm a way of disabling/killing must be installed.

• You may have a maximum of 10 spawners active at any one time.

• Guardian farms using soul sand to push them up are not allowed and will be removed.


• A build can be many styles but explicit content(Think of 18+) are bannable offenses with minimal success for appeal.

• Claiming while not a must is adviced, we do not protect builds that get griefed due to not claiming/protecting your area.



Since the renovation on survival and opening of 1.13 we decided to change the rules surrounding claiming.

Rule states as follows:

• Make sure to claim everything you don't want to lose.
• If you need claimblocks you can get more using the /buy comand.
• Being online and active will earn you 250-500 claimblocks p/h.
• Claims get removed after 2 months of inactivity(60 days).
• In rare cases a transfer of claim ownership can be requested(For the duration of a month max).



• Griefing is not allowed.
• When a player is offline for over 2500 hours(Circa 3 months) the place is concidered abandoned.


Thanks for reading,

Bearcraft Staff Team