Tool: Golden Shovel.

Kit: /kit claimtool


How does a claim work?

A claim protects everything you hold dear. Think of animals, chests filled with items, your house you name it its protected.

So why not claim right!

To claim you need to right click an area.

A diamond block will show up. 

Now go diagonal till you have a minimum of a 10x10 area and right click again.

The area should now show Gold blocks and Glowstone in the corners marking your claims edge.


Info/Rules as of 1.13 Survival:

Since the restart of survival we changed the rules regarding claiming.

1. If you fail/choose not to claim it you invite griefers. We will not refund nor punish those that grief your unclaimed stuff.

2. Do not invite someone you don't know. Seems logic doesn't it.

3. You are soley responsible for YOUR items. not us.



*Will be updated as needed*