Prison |



• How to reach: /prison

• Here you can find all Prison related stuff.


How to start:

• Read the hologram at /spawn

• /warp a

• Read the holograms at /warp a for more info.


Server Languages:

• English

• All other languages /pm/|/marry chat


Donator Ranks:

Click Here


Vote Ranks:

• How to access: /shop

• Stone



• Many Warps

• Ability to gain multipliers via voting.

• OP Pickaxe's

• A Free world to blow up once you own rankup Free.

• Player Owned Plots

• Player Owned Shop Plots(Sell items from your own plot)

• Tons of rankups

• Crate Keys

• Custom Enchants(Including excavation)

• Mines reset automatically every hour

• Mines can be reset via signs.

• Signs to sell items.



• /tpa/tpahere/tpaccept/tpadeny(Except inside the mines).

• /dp

• /warp

• /kit

• /poll

• /bug

• /report

• /cf

• /en

• /shop

• /buy

• /points|/p

• /ah




Q: Do multipliers stack?

A: They do not.


Q: Are multipliers permanent or timed?

A: Multipliers from /shop and/or /buy are permanent unless said otherwise.


Q: Are multipliers perm based in /shop?

A: They are, there for they are permanent.


Q: What if i buy the 0.5 Multiplier now and 1.5 later?

A: Then only the x1.5 will work.


Q: I bought the x3.5 multiplier and its showing 4.5?

A: This is because by default everyone has x1.0. You essentially just buy the extra's ontop. So buying 0.5 becomes 1.5, Buying 2.0 becomes 3.0 etc.