Rank Inheritance

Bear Ranks


Here you can find a list of all ranks we have including the vote ranks.

Perks can be viewed by clicking on any of the pictures or the [buy] button next to/below a rank or clicking the names below.

The ranking goes from highest to lowest.

Donator Ranks:

Vote ranks:

  • PhantomBear
  • GrandpaBear
  • BigBear
  • Bearcub+

Now you may wonder, which ranks obtains from which right?

Lets start with the simple ranks, the donator ranks.

The highest is polarbear which obtains anything from overlordbear and below.

So if you had BearLegend you'd obtain anything from bearvip and BearPremium.


The Vote ranks are a bit more complicated.

There are currently 4 Vote ranks anyone can obtain yet while BearPremium takes from the Grandpabear and below it does not inherit from PhantomBear.


PhantomBear is equal to the BearLegend rank in terms of what is usually desired but with less perks all around. Since both these ranks have fly capability's.


Vote ranks follow a different pattern starting with Phantombear which the donator ranks skip.

PhantomBear which is our highest voting rank gets extra perms from grandpabear bigbear and bearcub+.

So again if you were BigBear you would only have access to bigbear and bearcub+ ffeatures alongside the default stuff you already had but improved in some area's.

Think of more homes more pv's or anything that rank would have otherwise.


Donator ranks are guaranteed to stay forever.