General Rules:

This page has all rules that count on the server and discord.
These are general rules regardless of the server you are on.
If you are unsure what is ment by a certain rule, ask the chat.
Most importantly, staff has the final say, if a staff member tells you to stop, you must stop.
The server chat must at all times be english.
We allow people to speak other languages in /pm /pc and other non main chats.
The rule of english applies to discord aswell.

Chat Rules:

• Advertising of any kind is not allowed.
• Excesive  swearing is not allowed.
• Racial remarks/slurs or otherwise offensive subjects should be avoided
• Religion/Politics and other serious topics should be avoided, we're here to enjoy the game and have a nice chat.
• Flaming/Spamming the chat is not allowed, 10 lines gain unwanted attention.
• If you have issues with anyone, either ignore them or private message them.

Mod Rules:

We have plugins to give you perks.
Most mods are not allowed.
The following mods are allowed for personal use:
• Optifine(Enhances graphics)
• Minimap(For a layout of the map)

Custom(/spawn) VS Resource worlds(/warp resource):

The custom world is ment for building and claiming land.
To get resources use /warp resource.

Custom world is made up of roughly 10 biomes only, spanding from plains(60%) ocean types(30%) and other(10%).
Plains biome spands so much due to the unique landscape it creates.
This also means not all biome features(Such as related to Jungle biomes) are on the map.
To compensate for this we created a "resource" world.(More on this later)
The custom world is ment to be build on but not destroyed for money or resources.
You are allowed to destroy what you need for building space in this world.

Resource World:
The resource world is a plain vanilla world without any custom features.
This means diamond/sand/gravel wood  iron gold etc are easy picking due to how vanilla generations work.
There should be no shortage of supplies in this world.
There are a few buts however,
While you may destroy this world within reason example, making money, mcmmo etc.
You cannot claim here and building is outright not smart.
This world will be reset atleast every month to create a new map to be emptied.
Setting homes here while possible may thus change frequently from where you left it or break completely.


Sometimes we feel like changing our skin, thats fine, even our names.
However some skins/names are plain offensive or not kid friendly by any sense of the meaning.
The following type of names/skins may lead to removal or request to change:
• Anything related to a war, politician or otherwise categorized as offensive by the public.
• Anything related to a specific group(Ex: kkk, nazi's, Soviets)
• Anything with too much/complete nudity.(Its a miracle i have to write this down)


We all like a farm, or a nice house, or just something we feel like building.
This section is to cover everything/most build types.
If your type is not listed but aren't sure, ask before building to avoid dissapointment.
•  Redstone is allowed on the server(Requires a rank in creative) but must have a good purpose, simple clocks and flying contraptions are not allowed.
• For a decent guide on redstone there are plenty of good youtubers that have lag free and well working redstone guides.
• Spawner farms must have an off switch and autokiller
• Incase of a falling spawner farm(mobs drop to their death) an auto killer is not required.
• Only a maximum of 10 spawners may be active at any one time.(Per Player/Team)
• With 1.13 soulsand was given a function, aswell as magma blocks, Guardian farms utilizing this abilitie will be removed without warning.
• Hopper farms make item traveling easy, but big farms are not allowed(Try using water where possible to reduce travel time)
• Hopper Systems/Storages for every single item in the game are not allowed.
• A build that targets other races, adult content are bannable offenses without appeal.


For rules/Info specifically related to Survival click here
For rules/Info specifically related to Skyblock click here

Thanks for reading,
Bearcraft Staff Team.