• Here you find all Towny related stuff.

• Make sure to read the Info on this page at the bottom.



• Towny possess over a Dynamic map(dynmap for short) which can be found here.

• The dynmap will update every 5 minutes and display any town/nation in existence.

• It will only show the towny world, no other world is displayed.



Getting Started:

• To get started with your Town you need to enter Towny via /towny.

• For our dynmap click here.

• To join our Discord via this link here.

• Voting via /vote will earn you some money to help you out along some other rewards.

• We have a nicely setup GUI accessable via /tgui which can help you across all of towny.

• The resource world will reset every so often to refresh any torn down trees blocks etc.



• The dynmap can show you the towny world and any town/nation people have claimed.

• After opening a few symbols can be shown as seen below. 

  • Blue flag dynmap marker - This town is part of a nation. Clicking the marker will reveal which nation it belongs too.
  • Green flag dynmap marker - This represents a town not affiliated with a nation.
  • King dynmap marker - This icon represents a Nations Capital.
  • World dynmap marker - This represents the spawn of the world.

• Red area's on the map are claimed area's.


Creating a town:

• In order to create a town you need 10k cash. This money can be earned through voting and doing regular jobs.

• When running the command you must stand at the location you want your towns spawn to be.

• When you're happy with the location simply type: /t new <town name> (mayor).

• Towns may not include spaces or any special characters, these will not work.

• Mayors are able to change any town setting via 2 simple commands: /t toggle and /t set.

• In order to expand your town by 1 chunk you need $2500,- and do: /t claim.

• Inviting players can be done via /t add|invite <player>.

• Players that are not active for some time(42 days) will be deleted, any empty towns deleted. 


Creating a nation:

• Mayors of a town are able to create/setup nations for other towns to join in.

• Nations have a capital town which has a king or queen instead of a mayor.

• Nations can if so desired fight in wars and ruin any other nations day.

• To create a nation you need $100.000, and run: /n new <name> <town>. *Where <town> becomes the capital*

• Towns in nations are also able to create outposts. Outposts are not attached to any capital or town land and can be setup anywhere.

• To do this you run: /t claim outpost.



• Wars can only be started by staff and will be announced way ahead of time.

• All towns in a nation will take part in the war, however any town not affiliated with any nation cannot participate.

• You can as a king/queen also choose to opt-out of a war by setting the nation as neutral(Costs $7500,-).

• To set your self as neutral do: /n toggle neutral.

• You can setup allies/enemy's do declare peace/war on each other simply by doing: /n ally add|remove {name}.

• Anyone in an ally cannot damage each other destroy each others towns but can heal 1 another.


How to win a war:

• To win a war you must siege enemy plots. This can be achieved by standing in them until you get into the home block.

• Players may only siege plots on the edge of a town thus you have to work yourself inwards.

• When a Towns home block/spawn block is captured the town is demolished.

• Normal plot towns have 16 health and the home block 64, it will lose 1 hp every 5 seconds and multiple attackers will increase the damage.

• Defenders can heal their plot by standing in them similar to attackers damaging them.

• Defenders of a town will be notified when their town is in danger of becoming demolished.

• While the world regenerates itself tnt and ladders are allowed in enemy territory during these times.


Important War Notice:

• Nations that are active in wars have a king/queen and a capital.

• A Nation will fall when either the capital is sieged or the king is assasinated.

• When a Nation falls any town related to the Nation will also crumble.

• If you die at the enemy's base and they own a jail you will be put into there.  

• Breaking out can be done in 2 ways: sieging/destroying the jail plot, or have allies break you out using tnt.

• Another option is /r jail paybail.

• The war ends when either 1 Nation or alliance of the Nation is left standing.



• There are multiple ranks for your town/nation. They grant limited access but give different capabilitys too.

• To give a rank to someone use: /t rank add <player> <rank> or /nation rank add <player> <rank>.

• Town ranks:

  • Assistant - Has pretty much all permissions a Mayor has.
  • Recruit - Can invite players to the Town.
  • Settler - Can claim land for the town.
  • Banker - Can withdraw money from the town.
  • Builder- Can build on all town owned plots.
  • Sherrif - Can jail Town members.


• Nation Ranks:

  • Queen - Female version of a King.
  • Chancellor - Can do almost everything a King/Queen can.
  • Colonist - Can invite to the nation.
  • Bank-Manager - Can withdraw from the Nations bank.



• Towns are devided by Chunks or Plots.

• Those with permission can set a plot forsale via /plot fs.

• Residents can then claim ground that are set as for sale.

• There are several types of plots.

• Plots: (Command: /plot set <option>).

  • reset - Sets a shiop/embassy/arena/wilds plot back to normal.
  • shop - Sets a plot to a shop plot
  • Embassy - Sets a plot as an embassy plot
  • Arena - Creates an arena plot
  • Wilds - Sets a wild plot(Usually for no builds).
  • Inn - Sets a plot to an inn plot.
  • Jail - Sets a plot as a jail.
  • name - Allows a mayor or plot owner to rename plots they own.

• Plot owners can also toggle some settings for that plot only.

• Settings:

  • fire(Default off)
  • pvp(Default on)
  • explosion(Default off)
  • mob(Default off)



•  Residents are members of a town and can set multiple options for themselves.

• Main features revolve around "toggling" or /r toggle <option>.

• Settings are:

  • Map - Turns on the map which updates/refreshes as you move across borders.
  • Townclaim - Turns on the auto claim mode which occurs as you move from an owned plot to an unowned.(Requires town blocks).
  • Plotborder - Turns on smoke particles when entering a new chunk/plot.
  • Reset - Turns off any modes that were activated.

• Every player joining the town adds an X amount of possible plots a town can extend with, however not everyone wants to build together or run a town with others.

• To add additional blocks/chunks to your town with ease you can do /t buy bonus <amount>.

• To get an exhausting list of Towny/Town commands simply click here.



• Towny has a very extensive GUI for all your towny needs.

• The info ranges from default towny world info to setup a town and even inviting players or changing settings.

• It will help you with most if not all your towny questions by simply checking the corresponding area's.

• Simply enter /tgui will prompt a help file with all towny area's you can or may need help on.



• Towny worlds are protected similar to worldguards protection range.

• The wild cannot be destroyed except in a few exceptions and will regenerate itself.

• Plots/Towns that claim land can alter that area and destroying the chunk will regenerate itself.

• If you need resources like wood stone or anything you can get those from /warp resource.

• To return to the towny world you can do /warp spawn or /t spawn(Requires a town spawn).

• Both worlds support the /rtp command but only the towny world has a dynmap support.



Please note this site will be updated as needed.

• When something is unclear just ask us and we will explain and alter it incase needed.(or add)